Give us This Thanks our Daily Bread

How about we keep doing it? Just keep being grateful--and maybe we can be grateful again the next day and all the days of the year. Like any repetitive thought or action, gratitude would build as a habit, and a habit of gratitude might just get us closer to that world where we could all be welcome--just being as we are.

I know it's a plain unreasonable idea to suggest that we, every day, eat when hungry, sleep when tired and full. It's lunatic to suggest that we use social media as an outlet to post irrationally passionate musings on the bliss of thankfulness rather than apocalyptic gloom and doom scenarios of a world fallen into sheer madness. Perhaps the world was fallen long ago, or never was fallen at all--it's only a matter of perspective.

Seeking status in the age of no standards, seeking certainty in a time of lies, seeking connection with the quality of nobility most often found in Nature, by collecting Instagram followers--will require a new world order--really and truly--. Enter, Gratitude, as the industry of the Millennium. Gratitude as the the parent of this current anarchy of forms in every industry from fashion to fitness also called, healthcare. Wouldn't it be--lovely? Gratitude as the guide-star of the age? What if all companies were as grateful for your LIFE as we were for your business? Good thing for us at BAYW--as tough as "retail" is, we envision a world where the things we need are worth the money and the things we don't need never enter the picture. I know, I know--I'm a dreamer. And so are you. 

You already know how our hoodies are like the sweet on your potatoes--the weave of your dream--the good inside you gives itself to LIFE--and life gets extremely loud, sometimes. It's our hope this holiday season, that you choose not to buy a bunch of stuff you don't need for people who love you for your inside bling and not the gifts you bring--and that if you are in the market for a hoodie, you'll choose ours for its protection in all weathers and for its connection to everything beautiful.