One & Only

When it came time to decide with which organization Be As You Wear would share our massive amounts of sisterly and brotherly love this Valentine's Day, it wasn't because we thought the threat of mass shootings in our schools was nearly done. It was because we'd never seen a threat to our children's safety increase so rapidly, in such a short period of time, despite the efforts of so many parents and teachers and students, Nationwide, to prevent the same crime. On February 14th, while we were pushing PromiseHoods with Hearts emblazoned on the chest and sampling cakes baked with love that can be tasted, Stoneman Douglass gave up 17 more to a country whose amendments have lost their way to "change" us. The worst we imagined, became another community's reality--there must be and is another way to educate, and to bring forth from each other the great good that is within every sentient being.

Thoreau's advice to "beware of any endeavor which requires new clothes," is the ironic, iconic, and guiding principle of Be As You Wear's unique brand of haberdashery, which seeks to usher in (gently) an age of slow and basic fashion that at once honors autonomy, supports anonymity, and encourages affiliation with the deepest and most connected parts of ourselves--the parts that are screaming out to be One with All and also, individual divinations free to travel through multi-dimensional planes

On April 20, demonstrations across the Nation are being staged to disrupt the status quo and to demand a higher standard of safety within and beyond our classrooms. Let freedom ring, and may every GoodHood stand up for what it's individual members share and ignore the rest. Be As You Wear is a proud sponsor of these efforts through our annual ONE & ONLY sale!

Starting tomorrow-through March 4th (which is a command) all hoodies are 20% off. Order 3 or more pieces for your Team and take 50% off each additional hoodie with code 5050.