The Good Hood Company

For the planet. And every body.


Do you know of a community in need of HeART to HeART resuscitation? 

From Northwest Connecticut, to Carolina Beach, North Carolina, we are advancing healthy democracy, based on the notion that every great nation survives because of one gesture of (mostly) anonymous love and kindness at time. 

  We know you don't need to "buy" another recycled thing-a-ma-garment to add to your list of favorite things, but $10 on every SINGLE sale we make (no matter how big or small), provides the hand up that keeps a neighborhood good, and connects our HeArts with everything beautiful. See, we also know this (and not much else)--we can't take the stuff we have with us into the next life (whatever your concept of that may be), but we can leave only the good stuff behind.

100% Made by LOVE. You are.

                  Art. Adventure. Retail. Upsale. Resale.